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- Tile Based Deferred Shading

Developed by
Sijie Tian twitter github
Yuqin Shao twitter github

This demo includes dynamic lights and 66450 triangles.
You are uisng Deferred Shading.

This demo requires a decent graphics card and up-to-date drivers. If you can't run the demo, you can still see it on Vimeo


  • Modify number of lights in the scene: lights
  • Drag mouse to view around the scene
  • w,s,a,d to move the camera
  • Press 1 to display depth texutre
  • Press 2 to display normal texture
  • Press 3 to display position texutre
  • Press 4 to display color texture
  • Press 5 to display ambient texture
  • Press 6 to display tile based deferred shading
  • Press 7 to display non tile based deferred shading
  • Press 8 to display NPR with tile based deferred shading
  • Press 9 to display debug view for tile based
  • Press 0 to display scissor test visualization
  • Press f to switch between deferred shading and forward shading
  • Source Code: